This manual is intended to give PR2 users information to successfully install, use, and develop code on the PR2 robot. The software on the PR2 is based on ROS. Please visit, to learn about ROS and higher-level software available for the PR2. To get started with the PR2 as quickly as possible; please start by reading Chapter 2: Safety, do not start operating the PR2 before reading Chapter 2. If the PR2 is being set up for the first time, please see the tutorial video "Unpacking the PR2" to learn how to set it up properly before it is used, then feel free to move on to Chapter 6 to learn how to start-up and run the PR2.

You can also look at our FAQ for questions about common problems and troubleshooting.

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1. Table of Contents

  1. Manual Overview

  2. Safety

  3. What’s in the Box

  4. Mechanism Terminology

  5. Links and Joints

  6. Drivetrain Overview

  7. Motion Control

  8. Mechanical Specification

  9. Sensor Overview

  10. Power System

  11. Computer Overview

  12. Networking

  13. Computer Configuration

  14. Basestation Setup and Pairing

  15. Reinstalling the Basestation

  16. Reinstalling the Robot

  17. Software Maintenance

  18. Running the PR2

  19. PR2 SE

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